NFL Trade Deadline: Five Winners

With the trade deadline having come and gone, here are the five teams who came out on top.

Philadelphia Eagles: Adding RB Jay Ajayi to an already explosive offense will not only help the run game, but will surely help in pass protection for franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. Concerns for Ajayi’s knees have been an issue since his college days, but this is clearly a this-year move for the Eagles as they look make a run at the Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers: Picking Up Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots is more of a 7 week job interview for Garoppolo. The 49ers will find out if Garoppolo is indeed who they invest in moving forward, and if not, look for them to make a run at Kirk Cousins this off-season.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills were able to add 6’5″ wideout Kelvin Benjamin from the Carolina Panthers. This was the most surprising out of any deal made. Although it’s unclear why the Panthers gave Benjamin up, I’m sure Tyrod Taylor isn’t complaining.

Seattle Seahawks: After leaving Russell Wilson hanging out to dry for the first eight weeks of the season, Seattle is finally investing in their non-existent offensive line. Duane Brown will receive a warm welcome in Seattle, while Texans QB Deshaun Watson will be left wondering what-if.

New York Jets: The Jets added help to their secondary unit Tuesday when they acquired Rashard Robinson from the San Francisco 49ers. Robinson has recorded seven pass deflections and one interception in seven starts this season. With injuries plaguing the Jets secondary so far this year, Robinson will have an immediate role.

Although the NFL’s trade deadline is usually the least active of all major sports, this year’s was surprisingly eventful. Now to see if these moves pay off, the second half of the regular season kicks off Thursday night at MetLife stadium in New York.

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