Houston Astros Win 2017 World Series: Springer Snags MVP

Fifty five years — that’s how long the people of Houston have been waiting to see their hometown Astros win a World Series. GM Jeff Luhnow has done an outstanding job drafting and developing young talent – that hard work finally paid off last night as the Astros defeated the Dodgers in Game 7 on the road by a score of 5 to 1.

George Springer swung his way to MVP honors, belting out a total of five home runs and three doubles. After struggling in the ALDS -and then the ALCS, he finally found his swing again in Game 2. Coining the new phrase “Springered” — For a young player that’s struggling and does a complete 180 — He homered in three straight road games, a feat that puts him in an exclusive club with the likes of Barry Bonds.

Springer – seen above pictured on the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 2014 – is one of many very talented young players that has come up through Houston’s farm system in the past three years. With so much young talent they are sure to be contenders for years to come. So congratulations to the Houston Astros on an excellent season, capped off with the perfect ending — enjoy your parade.

By the way — someone should ask Sports Illustrated writer Ben Reiter to pick their next lotto ticket numbers, the guy clearly has a gift.

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