Upset Alert: Iowa Hawkeyes dominate #6 Ohio State

After pulling off such an amazing comeback against #2 Penn State last week – the Buckeyes rolled into Iowa City feeling extremely confident. Most analysts had the Buckeyes winning by double digits. If I would have told you before the game that the Hawkeyes would put up 55 points and beat OSU by 26 you would have told me to pick a different career path. Nobody expected the 5-3 Hawkeyes to dominate the Buckeyes the way they did.

iowa hawkeyes josh jackson

J.T. Barrett threw four interceptions, while Iowa QB Nathan Stanley threw five touchdowns. Iowa has been an Achilles heal for top 10 teams – they defeated Michigan last year when the Wolverines were ranked #3 in the nation.

urban meyer upset

This was the most points ever given up in head coach Urban Meyer’s career. There was a point when Iowa had scored 31 unanswered points. J.T Barrett’s four interceptions were also a career high. Hawkeyes Josh Jackson had three of those interceptions – including one Odell Beckham style while falling backwards into the end-zone.

It’s unsure how far Ohio State will fall in the ranks – but this loss sure damages the chances of a Big Ten team getting into the College Football Playoff this year.

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