Honeymoons Over for Harbaugh

Saturday’s game between Michigan and Ohio State ended up being a lot more competitive than what most people expected. The Wolverines jumped out to a an early 14-0 lead, only to drop an interception and eventually allow the Buckeyes to tie the game at 14 a side. Ohio State would go on to win by a final score of 31-20, and the questions about different coaching decisions began — and the Wolverines nation wants answers.

As a quarterback at Michigan Jim Harbaugh went 2-0 against the Buckeyes — but as a coach it’s been a different story. Harbaugh is now 0-3 against the Buckeyes, joining Rich Rodriguez as only the second coach in Wolverines history to start his career 0-3 verses rival Ohio State. Harbaugh is also 1-2 against Michigan State, 0-4 facing OSU and MSU at home, 0-6 as an underdog, and 1-7 against top 10 teams. Harbaugh’s 2017 salary is a whopping $9 million – passing Alabama’s Nick Saban as the highest paid College coach.

When you look at Jim Harbaugh and where he’s at in his 3rd year compared to coaches like Nick Saban or Urban Meyer — the results aren’t something that would make Wolverine fans feel any better. In Urban Meyer’s 3rd year he won a National Championship — Nick Saban’s 3rd year, the same result — a National Championship. As Jim Harbaugh’s 3rd year comes to an end — his team will finish fourth place in the Big Ten East. To be fair, Harbaugh didn’t have a solid starting quarterback all season, but that’s something he will need to go out and get before next seasons opener against Notre Dame.

There’s no doubt that Harbaugh hasn’t lived up to the $7 million dollar hype — that will need to change next year. If there’s one thing Wolverine Alumni and fans care about most, it’s beating Ohio State — and losing every year since 2011 is unacceptable. Next year will be the telltale of where the Wolverines will go moving forward, they expect success — and if 2018 turns out to be another letdown season, there’s no doubt Jim will be sitting in the hot seat, khakis and all.

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