LeBron James Says Opening School in Akron Is The Biggest Accomplishment Of His Career

The Akron Ohio school board unanimously approved the LeBron James Family Foundation’s “I Promise School” — which is set to open in the fall. The school will work as a foundation for third and fourth grade students who are at risk of falling behind.

The LeBron James Family Foundation was founded in 2010 with the purpose of improving graduation rates for children in James’ hometown, the Akron Public School district.

King James was interviewed by Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com when he was asked if opening a school was the one of the most important things he’s done in his career, before Vardon could get the full question out LeBron replied:

“Definitely – besides having three kids and marrying my wife, and putting my mom in a position where she never have to worry about anything again for the rest of her life, this is right up there” James continued, “Championships, MVP’s, I mean, points, rebounds and assists, that stuff is whatever.”

lebron high

Beginning in 2021 students that graduate from Akron High School will be eligible to be awarded a free scholarship to go to the University of Akron for free.

“For me to be able to open up a school and give back to my inner city, so many kids that i know because i was those kids”

LeBron was reminiscent on his youth and how he used to feel like he wouldn’t be able to get out of Akron to be successful.

“I just thought about that every day. I had dreams and I had mentors and they allowed my dreams to become who I am today”

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