NFL Week 14 Predictions: Carson Wentz Over Jared Goff, Vikings Top Panthers, Jaguars shock Seahawks.

Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns (1 PM EST)

The 6-6 Green Bay Packers head into Cleveland very optimistic. The Packers playoff hopes are still alive – and their knight in shining armor is almost ready to make his return, but his return still depends heavily on the shoulders of Brett Hundley who has been very inconsistent as of late. For Cleveland, this could very well be the game that everything falls into place for – but I’m not one to put my money of “what-if” situations. Green Bay edges this one out and survives another week as they wait for their MVP to return – which could come as early as next weeks match-up against the Panthers.

Key Factor: Green Bay Running back Jamaal Williams getting the Packers run game going early on which will open up the passing game for Brett Hundley.

Final: 23-19 Packers over Browns

Detroit Lions @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1 PM EST)

Two weeks ago the Detroit Lions were gearing up to face the Minnesota Vikings – with their sights set on the NFC North division title and hosting a playoff game at Ford Field for the first time since the early 90’s. Now after losing their last two in a row, Detroit will have to win out the remainder of the season to even have slight chance of snagging an NFC Wild Card spot. But with the walking-dead-like Lions who have a crippling amount of role players sidelined due to injury, Detroit fans are no longer optimistic. The outcome of this game is on the Lions offensive line – if they can keep Stafford protected and healthy they will come away with the win. But on the other-hand, ff the Lions were to lose Sunday in Tampa Bay, expect to see a shake-up in the coaching staff, starting at the top.

Key Factor: Lions need to score early + Lion’s Offensive Line must protect Matthew Stafford at all costs. If Stafford goes down, so does Detroit’s season. 

Final: 26-19 Lions over Buccaneers

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs (1 PM EST)

When the season started off the Kansas City Chiefs were looked at by many possible Superbowl favorites – but after losing four games in a row, Kansas City (6-6) finds themselves in a three-way tie for first place in the AFC West, alongside the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs haven’t won a game since October 30th.

Key Factor: Chiefs offense needs to try to stay on the field as long as possible – Kansas City’s defense is one of the worst in the entire NFL.

Final: 30-26 Raiders over Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers (1 PM EST)

The Minnesota Vikings continue to prove week after week that they are in fact one of the best teams in the National Football League. Sitting at 10-2 the Vikings have run-away with the NFC North – and they’re tied with the Philadelphia Eagles for the best record in the NFC. The Panthers are currently the sixth seed in the NFC playoff picture – while still in a battle with the New Orleans Saints for the NFC South.

Key Factor: The Minnesota Vikings defense have the best front 7 in the league, they will need to contain Cam Newton in the pocket in order to come away with a win Sunday.

Final: 30-24 Vikings over Panthers

San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans (1 PM EST)

The San Francisco 49ers will travel to Houston for Sunday’s match-up against the Texans. The Texans were in the midst of the AFC playoff race before losing QB Deshaun Watson earlier in the season – those hopes have quickly faded away as the Texans sit at a disappointing 4-8 record. This game has no serious playoff implications.

Key Factor: Texans QB Tom Savage must accurately get the ball out fast, establishing a high percentage completion rate in the short-yard passing game that can set up the long ball.

Final: 19-10 Texans over 49ers

Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills (1 PM EST)

The Indianapolis Colts travel to Buffalo Sunday to take on the Bills – who are currently in the race for a Wild Card spot in the AFC playoff picture. Buffalo should have no problem pulling out a victory at home Sunday against the 3-9 Colts.

Key Factor: Bills running back LeSean McCoy needs to have a big game in order to help take some of the pressure off of rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman – who’s getting the start after Bills starter Tyrod Taylor was injured last week’s loss against the Patriots.

Final: 23-16 Bills over Colts

Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals (1 PM EST)

The Chicago Bears take on the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. There are no playoff implications in this game. Expect a pretty evenly matched game.

Final: 23-22 Bengals over Bears 

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants (1 PM EST)

The Cowboys travel to New York to take on the Giants – and try to keep their place in the NFC Wild Card race. The Giants have become a media frenzy as all of the recent drama has unfolded in New York’s locker room. Dallas is currently the 10th seed in the NFC with a record of 6-6. If they want to have a chance at the playoffs the Cowboys cannot afford to lose another game for the remainder of the season.

Key Factor: Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant must be on the same page in order for the Cowboys offense to find any sort of success as they await the return of their star running back Ezekiel Elliot. 

Final: 24-16 Cowboys over Giants

Tennessee Titans @ Arizona Cardinals (4:05 PM EST)

The Tennessee Titans travel to Arizona Sunday to take on the Cardinals. Tennessee is currently sitting atop the AFC South, and the third-seed in the AFC playoff picture. Tennessee will need to take care of business in Arizona Sunday in order to maintain their lead in the AFC South – with the Jacksonville Jaguars right on their tail.

Key Factor: Cardinals’ Chandler Jones disrupting the Tennessee Titans offensive line and getting to quarterback Marcus Mariota. 

Final: 28-24 Titans over Cardinals 

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos (4:05 PM EST)

The New York Jets take on the Denver Broncos Sunday. The Jets are currently the 10th seed in the AFC playoff race. With a record of 5-7, New York has no room for error if they want to hold onto the very slim chance that they still have of grabbing a playoff spot.

Key Factor: Jets defense forcing the Broncos to turn the ball over – which is something they do, a lot. 

Final: 18-12 Jets over Broncos

Seattle Seahawks @ Jacksonville Jaguars (4:25 PM EST)

The Seahawks will be in Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars for one of the more interesting match-ups this Sunday. The Seahawks are currently the 5th seed in the NFC playoff picture – the Jaguars find themselves sitting in the exact same spot in the AFC playoff picture, Jacksonville is also the 5th seed.

Key Factor: Russell Wilson will need to use his legs to be able to extend plays while avoiding a very tough Jacksonville pass rush.

Final: 21-17 Jaguars over Seahawks  

Washington Redskins @ Los Angeles Chargers (4:25 PM EST)

The Redskins travel to Los Angeles to take on the 6-6 Chargers. Los Angeles is very much in the AFC playoff hunt as they currently hold the 7th seed. The Redskins playoffs hopes are much more of a long-shot but mathematically they still have a chance. Both teams need a win to keep their season alive.

Key Factor: Keenan Allen needs to have a big game in order for the Chargers to keep rolling, him and Phillip Rivers will need to find a rhythm Sunday and connect every chance they get.

Final: 23-21 Chargers over Redskins 

 Philadelphia Eagles @ Los Angeles Rams (4:25 PM EST)\

This is no doubt the biggest match-up all across the league in week 14. The first two picks of the 2016 NFL draft will be going head to head as Carson Wentz and the Eagles take on Jared Goff and the Rams. The Eagles have been arguably the best team in the NFC all season, they’ll have a chance to show and prove Sunday in what could be a huge statement win.

Key Factor: The Eagles pass-rush needs to make it a long day for Jared Goff. On the offensive side of the ball Philly needs a big game out of running back Jay Ajayi which will help to open up the passing game.

Final: 31-28 Eagles over Rams

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (8:30 PM EST)

The Ravens will travel to Pittsburgh for a divisional match-up against the Steelers. Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense finally came alive in week 13 when they put up a total of 44 points on the Detroit Lions. Meanwhile the Steelers have won their last seven in a row and are currently the number one seed in the AFC.

Key Factor: The Baltimore Ravens defense will need to play flawless football if they want to have a chance of trying to contain Steeler’s superstar Antonio Brown – keeping the pass-rush pressure on Ben Roethlisberger will be key. 

Final: 27-19 Steelers over Ravens

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