Sean “Diddy” Combs Wants To Buy Carolina Panthers, Collin Kaepernick Says He Wants In

The Carolina Panthers current ownership announced that they would be selling the team amid the ongoing investigation regarding sexual assault claims filed against [owner] Jerry Richardson.

Sean “Diddy” Combs tweeted his interest in the team

“I would like to buy the @Panthers. Spread the word. Retweet!”

Diddy went on to highlight the lack of African American ownership currently in the NFL.

Combs also mentioned that he would give controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick a fair shot at competing against the Panthers current starting quarterback Cam Newton, stating “It’s just competition, baby. It’s just competition.”

But Collin Kaepernick seemed more interested in the business side of the game, after he tweeted:

“I want in on the ownership group! Let’s make it happen!

The Panthers team is reportedly worth $120 million more than the music moguls net worth and NFL teams normally sell for a higher price than the team is worth — but that doesn’t mean a man like Diddy can’t dream — or get investors to join him.

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