ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Grills MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred On Miami Marlins New Ownership [LINK]

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred called in to The Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Wednesday where he was met with a barrage of questions regarding the Miami Marlin’s new ownership and the decisions they have made thus-far.

Le Batard, a longtime Marlins’ fan who was visibly upset started the interview with a jab at the state of baseball in south Florida.

South Florida is really mad. Baseball has been really bad to South Florida for many years, and I don’t believe that baseball deserves a single customer in South Florida.

jeter marlisn

The radio host immediately asked the commissioner if he was aware of Jeter’s plan to trade players and slash payroll — to which Manfred briefly paused before being interrupted by Le Batard who wanted a straight forward answer,

Yes or no please. You can elaborate after. But first, yes or no please.

After running around the question the MLB commissioner said he was unaware of the plans Jeter and staff had for the Marlins — an answer Dan Le Batard wasn’t pleased with.

You’re coming on here and saying that you weren’t aware of Jeter’s plan to trade players and slash payroll. We’re starting with a lie Rob, [like] that’s where we’re starting. You can’t tell me you’re not aware of that.

As the interview went on, Le Batard was visibly more and more frustrated. To the point where his co-host had to jump in to ask a question after Le Batard seemed like he was over the interview.

jeter sherman marlisn.jpg

Dan Le Batard went on to ask if the financial backer Bruce Sherman was using Derek Jeter as a “meat shield” to protect himself. The commissioner’s only response was “You’d have to ask Mr. Sherman what – ” before being cut off by Le Batard yet again,

I tried to but his secretary sent me to Derek Jeter. She referred all questions to Derek Jeter. I tried to, I did that on the air. She told me, please talk to Mr. Jeter.

You can watch the entire interview on YouTube Here.


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